- Wasp Trap -
Personal project
2 months
Vesa is a humane wasp trap that proposes a dual summer and winter purpose by transforming into a bird feeder when wasps have disappeared. By separating the liquid bait from the trapped wasps, they will not drown. Thus it is possible to either kill them if they are a threat, or to release them elsewhere.
When summer's gone
When temperatures decrease and first frost comes, most of the wasps in a colony die. Traps then become useless. This ascertainment was what drove a major part of the project. How can we create a product that can serve other purposes during autumn and winter? Brainstorming managed to draw a few ideas for complementary function like an indoor flower pot or a candle holder. However, a trap turning into a bird feeder seemed to be the most compelling solution and perfectly corresponded to the summer/winter duality.
As easy as pie
Using Vesa is really simple. To capture wasps, just place a bait into the designated location and wait. Two solutions to get rid of the captured insects. You could either fill the product with water to drown the insects or if you accidentally captured bees or are cautious about the ecosystem, unscrew the lid and release them elsewhere. When the threat is gone, turn Vesa upside down, fill it with seeds, hang it outside and let birds enjoy. 
All work © Philippe Garaude 2020