- Teach children the value of money -
Project while
intern at Unistudio
1 month
"Mom, Dad, can I have this toy ?" Behind this common request from children often lies a lack of understanding the value of money. Kidscan is an in-store educational device aimed at helping kids get used to it. Parents can set a target amount, let their children explore the store and scan the toys they want. This will help them understand what a certain amount of money can get them, how to shop savvy and overall get familiar with the value of money. 
Bring out your inner child
Thinking like a kid would is a difficult exercice for adults. So we got to spend some time with children in order to better understand how they understood and interacted with money. It gave us some precious insights. For instance, we discovered that 3 year old kids usually have some trouble differentiating different types of coins, whereas a 6 year old starts sorting them and making simple sums. 
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand pictures
Intended to be presented on various expositions, the product had to be prototyped. We got to work with our partners in developing a functional proof of concept. A surrounding graphic universe was also created in order to give more depth to the product. In the future, it is already planned to create a educational piggy bank for a home usage, able to interact with this particular product.
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